COVID-19 Notice

A Message from Arrowhead EMS Association about COVID-19

In compliance with the 13 July 2020 City of Duluth Universal Masking Mandate, AEMSA will require all guests to comply with the City’s Ordinance. Masks for all guests must be worn to enter the building and staff will put on their mask prior to leaving their personal office space to greet you. We appreciate your cooperation in complying with this ordinance.

Due to the rapidly evolving state of this pandemic, we continue to refer our membership and the public to the Minnesota Department of Health for local details and the CDC for National case details. Current situational information can be found at:

The staff at Arrowhead EMS Association (AEMSA) would like to begin this message by thanking each of you for your tireless effort thus far in preparing for what is an inevitable long-term response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We hope that you, your colleagues, and families are safe and healthy.  We have all been active in discussions about many COVID-19 challenges as well as the current challenges related to daily operations.  The seriousness of this response cannot be understated, and our staff appreciate your dedication to your community, region and the general well-being of our nation. To that end, we are acting in support of Governor Walz’s #StaySafeMN order and making some changes to our operations effective immediately and in effect until further notice.  To ensure that we protect our colleagues and ensure that we have staff available for quick response to your immediate needs, we will be altering our typical services and meeting availability.  These immediate changes include: 

  • Suspension of borrowing AEMSA training equipment;
  • Closure of the AEMSA Office to non-essential and non-COVID-19 response related trainings, meetings and public visitation; and
  • Staff availability for in person interaction will be limited to tele and video presence unless approved by the Executive Director.

The AEMSA staff will work diligently with those agencies and individuals that are impacted by this change to minimize the impact on your organization.  Any equipment that is currently loaned out will be collected, sanitized and stored as soon as humanly possible.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.  Our staff and board will continue to evaluate the situation and make alterations as needed to the scope or time frame of these changes. Our mission as an organization is to provide resources and advocacy to advance, sustain and connect our healthcare and public safety communities.  We believe that these steps reflect our adherence to mission and our focus on the continuity of the emergency medical service community.  We are committed to continuing to get information to you in a timely manner, acting on your requests for assistance in any way that we are able and every action we take, we do so with you in mind. 


Adam Shadiow,
Executive Director

Arrowhead EMS Association