AEMSA Conference & Expo

AEMSA Conference and Expo attendees

Attend the 5-day Arrowhead EMS Conference & Expo featuring an excellent line-up of speakers from all over the country, quality emergency medical services education and nursing continuing education. Here, you’ll combine your professional and personal goals within the emergency medical services field during a cozy winter in Duluth, Minnesota.

The objective of the conference & expo is to provide EMS personnel with applicable knowledge to better manage, treat and assess various traumatic and medical-related emergencies, and to provide the tools to continuously improve the overall management of services. You will learn techniques and information to improve yourself, your patient care and your EMS agency.

With the Northeast region’s largest exhibition of EMS products and service suppliers, this expo is a perennial highlight for our participants.

The event will also give you a chance to reconnect with some old friends and hopefully meet some new ones who share your passion for emergency medical services. Don’t miss this chance to meet some of the finest individuals in the EMS profession.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice

Arrowhead EMS is monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) developments to help ensure the health and safety of our workplace and community.