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Arrowhead CISM Team

Critical Incident Stress Management

Taking care of the people in emergency services since 1990

To request a debriefing, defusing or CMB following a critical incident or event, contact the St. Louis County Emergency Communications center. This number is answered 24/7. They will put you in touch with the CISM Team.

The Arrowhead Critical Incident Stress Management TEAM

Emergency service personnel deal with a variety of unique stressors on a daily basis within their career and personal lives. For the most part, they are readily able to cope with, and bounce back after, a challenging response. Occasionally, there are “critical incidents” that can be so physically and emotionally intense that they have a lasting and powerful impact. In those cases, utilizing a Critical Incident Stress Management Team can be a valuable resource to process the event and speed individual and agency recovery.

The Arrowhead CISM Team is composed of a combination of mental health professionals and experienced emergency services personnel from many disciplines. Both have specialized training and are available to provide peer support. All are volunteers who have the knowledge and tools needed after emotionally difficult events and responses.

There are three types of interventions that CISM uses most frequently following challenging events: a Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD), a small group or one-on-one defusing, or a Crisis Management Briefing (CMB). If a CISD is requested and scheduled after an event, CISM team members from appropriate emergency services will be assembled to facilitate the debriefing. Only the responders directly involved in the event are invited to attend the confidential stress debriefing.

Education and training programs are also available from Arrowhead CISM to any and all emergency service personnel, including managers and supervisors. Educational topics include developing skills to manage critical incident responses, personal stress recognition and management, and developing agency and individual resiliency. Professional continuing education credits are available for some topics.

Available CISM Services

  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefings (CISD)
  • Defusings
  • Crisis Management Briefings (CMB)

How to Access CISM Team Services

All services are offered free of charge by the Arrowhead CISM team for emergency service personnel and organizations in the seven counties of the Arrowhead region of Minnesota and Douglas County, Wisconsin. Contributions to support our regional CISM team are appreciated and tax deductible.

To find the contact information in your area of Minnesota, please click on the button below: