Regional EMS System Support

AEMSA and the eight Minnesota Regional EMS Systems serve in a role that impacts the health and welfare of Minnesota citizens and are vital to the integrity of the state’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system. In 1985, the Minnesota Legislature responded to the need for coordination and improvement of the EMS system through the passage of the Minnesota EMS System Support Act. This support act provides the base funding to develop, maintain, and improve the regional EMS system. Particular emphasis is given to supporting and improving emergency trauma and cardiac care and training. 

The goal of the EMS System is to build programs that:

  • Promote systematic, cost-effective delivery of emergency medical care throughout the state;
  • Identify common local, regional, and state emergency medical system needs and providing assistance in addressing those needs;
  • Provide discretionary grants for emergency medical service projects with potential region wide significance;
  • Provide for public education about emergency medical care;
  • Promote the exchange of emergency medical care information;
  • Ensure the ongoing coordination of regional emergency medical services systems;
  • Establish and maintain training standards to ensure consistent quality of emergency medical services throughout the state.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice

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